Welcome to Melehy Technical Services

We at Melehy Technical Services are specialized in the customer support of: - Single / Combined Cycle Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants, MSF/MED/RO Desalination Plants, Cement Plants; Oil & Gas industry; etc.


  • Our Non – OEM approach covers:-

        •      1  Repair Services.

     2. Supply of Replacement parts.
     3. Complete Overhaul & Maintenance package for

Gas Turbines      From Aero derivative gas turbines to Heavy duty Industrial Gas
Turbines of different makes of all capacities.
Steam Turbines - Off all capacities & makes.
Alternators – Synchronous Generators.
Relays, Circuit Breakers – LV & HV
Heat Recovery Steam Generators - Boilers.
Gas Turbine Air Intake System.
Gas Turbine Exhaust System – Complete System from Gas Turbine Outlet to
Inlet of the HRSGs.
NGPRS System – Filtration, Monitoring solutions; etc. 
Condition Emission Monitoring System.
Valves – For General as well as Severe Applications.
Instrumentation – Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level etc.
Controls – Gas Turbine controls, Valve controls etc.
Cables – HV, LV, Heat Shrink, Cable Joints, Instrumentation & Fiber optic cables.
Expansion Joints – For Gas Turbines, Boilers, etc; designed as per Customer’s
Debris Filters – For Seawater Intake System.
Condenser Tube cleaning system – For Steam Turbine / Desalination units.
Chemicals - For Boilers; Sea water & Desalination Plant applications.

Through our network of facilities we also provide services such as:-

Electro- Mechanical
Contracting work
Field services
Supply of trained technical manpower.


  • Insulation & Cladding work for HRSG   Boiler of capacity 220 ton/hr. more
    Hot insulation/cladding work for desalination plants of total plant capacity 130 MIGD.more
    Retrofit for G.E GT Air intake system with Donaldson GDX type at Kalba plant. more
  • Replacement of condensor pipes. 
    Design ,Fabrication & Erection of  access platform for Boiler.
    Modification of hypochlorination plant pipes.
  • Repair and refurbishment of gas turbine parts.
    Blasting & painting of steel structures, pipes & spools.
    Hot insulation & cladding work for  ALSTOM GAS TURBINES & Boilers.